In this section, you will find an extract of our references and brief portraits of completed projects.


Observational Study at the Point of Sale

Valiant Bank AG

Development of a Guerrilla Marketing Concept

Freiburger Nachrichten

Customer Segmentation and Brand Perception via Survey

Freiburger Nachrichten

Four Thematic Strategy Workshops: Vision & Mission, Competition & Positioning, Markets & Business Areas, Values & Culture

BKW Energy AG

Development of a social media strategy with a focus on LinkedIn

Committee UNICEF Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Analysis of the Swiss Influencer Community

Committee UNICEF Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Brand and Advertising Tracking in a Wave Comparison

Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte Genossenschaft (VA)

Conception and Examination of Strategic Options based on Quantitative Market and Needs Analyses

Gesundheitsförderung Schweiz

Requirements Analysis in view of Body Positivity

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