Knowledge Transfer and
Investment Success
through Research
and Networking

Artificial Intelligence


Through continuous research, we develop innovative investment concepts and solutions as a basis for financial products and generate new know-how that we make available to our customers in various services.


As financial experts, co-developers, and quants, we stand by your side in the development of new investment products, for AI-based recommendations for the financial market, as well as being your individual sparring partner in investment advisory. From conception through implementation to monitoring: our well-founded and data-supported approaches ensure valuable results for the practice.

International Research

In close cooperation with leading international research teams, we continuously gain the latest knowledge and combine megatrends such as artificial intelligence, and sustainability with research findings on success factors.

Professional Competence and Implementation Skills

We guarantee tailor-made solutions through our expertise, ties to the academic environment, and cooperation with selected experts from the field.

Our Offering
We integrate our research findings into novel investment strategies, which we then make investable with partners from the financial sector. We offer a wide range of services in this field - from signals based on Artificial Intelligence to tailor-made consulting services.
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