We support you in setting up new investment products based on our approaches or advise you on tactical asset allocation employing artificial intelligence that forecasts the market development, ultimately resulting in concrete signals. In addition, we continuously present our latest innovations to you and advise you individually on your specific challenges and new projects.

Co-development of new investment products

We would be pleased to present our established investment concepts to you. These strategies can be applied in different geographic regions and investment universes. Additionally, your specific requirements, such as sustainability restrictions, can be implemented.

Model-based recommendations & AI signals

Based on our research findings and investment concepts, we can periodically provide specific recommendations regarding your stock selection process. Artificial intelligence predicts the market development and thus, for example, provides weekly signals that can be used for your asset allocation. In addition, we can co-develop tailor-made AI signals to optimize your investment decisions and investment products.

Academic Alpha as a partner for innovation

As part of an innovation partnership, we exclusively present current research projects on new investment topics and concepts that are about to be ready for the market. Thereby, you gain real-time access to the world’s leading research findings and megatrends. In addition, we offer tailor-made in-house seminars with our internationally leading researchers.

Tailored consultancy

We offer you a wide range of consulting services, e.g., individual research, analysis and possible optimization of your investment strategies, or analysis and evaluation of third-party products. As a part of our consulting projects, we give you access to our know-how and experts as for example in the field of artificial intelligence.