Freiburger Nachrichten

Four Thematic Strategy Workshops: Vision & Mission, Competition & Positioning, Markets & Business Areas, Values & Culture

Background and Objectives 

The Freiburger Nachrichten AG stands as the sole daily newspaper serving the German-speaking region of Canton Freiburg. As the primary and critical source of news in German-speaking Fribourg, its position must be safeguarded for the long term. This poses a challenge, among other things, due to the more competitive market environment as well as digital trends. The primary goal of the mandate was thus to revise the company’s mission statement.


The company’s mission statement was revised in the scope of four workshops. In a first workshop, the vision and mission were reformulated. Based on a competitive analysis, an overview of the current and targeted positioning in the various markets was then developed. In a third workshop, important strategic areas were defined and goals corresponding to the positioning were set. This workshop also included the compilation of a “long list” of possible product developments and new target markets. Prior to the last workshop, a personnel survey was conducted on the topics of company values and culture as well as employee satisfaction. The results were prepared for the target group and compared with target values. Based on this gap analysis, it was then possible to identify action areas in the domains of values, culture, and employee satisfaction.

Customer Statement

“The Academic Alpha AG (AAA) impressed us with their excellent, timely, and results-oriented work. The goal-oriented revision of our strategy allows us to make long-term and stringent decisions and includes concrete implementation steps. Through this project, we gained theory-based tools with practical applications that will help us continue to grow our implementation strength even after the project’s completion. The collaboration was always highly professional and constructive. Furthermore, the flexible and close coordination with AAA enabled the ideal mix of pragmatism and foresight.”

Rebecca Muntwyler
COO Corporate Development and IT
Freiburger Nachrichten AG

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