Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte Genossenschaft

Conception and Examination of Strategic Options based on Quantitative Market and Needs Analyses

Background and Objectives

The insurance company Schweizer Ärzte Genossenschaft (VA) offers customized pension solutions to medical academics such as physicians, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and their spouses. The strong position as a pension specialist, the healthy financial situation as well as its broad network enables VA to explore new strategic options in order to continuously adapt the existing range of services to the (growing) needs of the cooperative members. Considering this context, the main objective of the mandate was to carry out a well-founded market analysis (competitor analysis and identification of potential partners), a quantitative survey of the target groups on their needs and potential service offerings of VA, a subsequent specification of possible offerings, and the final preparation of the relevant decision-making basis for the attention of the Board of Directors.


As a first step in developing the strategic options, a thorough situation analysis (in particular a market overview of potential competitors and partners) was carried out. In addition to secondary data, expert interviews were also conducted as part of this situation analysis to obtain a comprehensive picture of the market opportunities. Based on this situation analysis, strategic options were conceptually derived in a second step. Subsequently, a representative quantitative survey was conducted among the relevant target groups to examine their needs. Finally, the findings from this survey were compared with the conceptually developed strategic options and then put into final form. The product, in the form of a compact strategy document, served as a basis for future decisions by the management and the board of directors of the VA.

Customer Statement

“The results of this strategy project provide us with real added value in terms of evaluating strategic options for the future positioning of VA in the relevant markets. The project was set up broadly and thus made use of various elements of market research. The results are impressive and consistently aligned with our wishes and needs. The professional cooperation as well as the ability to present complex facts in a comprehensible, recipient-oriented, and very high-quality manner contributed significantly to the success. The opportunities and risks of the various strategic options were also presented transparently and comprehensibly.”

Roland Koller
Head of Sales & Marketing and Vice Director
Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte Genossenschaft

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