Valiant Bank AG

Development of a Guerrilla Marketing Concept

Background and Objectives 

Valiant Bank AG is an independent retail and SME bank based in Bern. Valiant has had its first positive experiences with guerrilla marketing as part of its marketing measures. For example, while opening new branches, guerrilla marketing measures were also used to draw the attention of the local population to the newly opened branches. Valiant intends to use more guerrilla marketing measures in the future on a highly proficient level. Therefore, the main objective of the mandate was to create a guerrilla marketing concept for Valiant. Specifically, a long list of potential guerrilla marketing measures was elaborated, considering the communicated framework conditions and the brand identity of Valiant.


Within the framework of the project’s scope, a comprehensive concept incorporating specific guerrilla marketing strategies was established. The initial phase involved an analysis of Valiant’s previous guerrilla marketing campaigns, followed by a thorough examination of best practices. Subsequently, a workshop consisting of two multiple ideation phases was conducted to generate and prioritize ideas. During this workshop, Valiant’s brand identity and the predetermined framework were carefully considered, resulting in a long list of prioritized ideas. Each idea underwent a detailed elaboration process. This involved a meticulous analysis and description of each idea in a final report, tailored to the intended audience. The report encompassed various aspects, including potential reinforcement mechanisms, as well as opportunities and risks associated with each idea.

Customer Statement

“The cooperation with the Academic Alpha AG (AAA) team was highly positive. They met our expectations and delivered a high-quality final report on time and on target. The ideas developed were individually tailored to our needs and provide a solid foundation for future guerrilla marketing projects. Despite some given constraints the AAA team mastered these challenges and came up with creative ideas. Their systematic approach including desk research analyses and the ideation workshop, their imaginative thinking and their commitment contributed to a successful outcome. The constructive cooperation as well as the close coordination with us enabled an effective implementation of our requirements. We will be happy to call on AAA’s expertise for future projects as well.”

Benjamin Krebs
Head of Marketing Communication
Valiant Bank AG

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