BKW Energy AG

Development of a social media strategy with a focus on LinkedIn

Background and Objectives

BKW is an internationally active energy and infrastructure company and offers integrated total solutions in the areas of energy, buildings, and infrastructure. Within the scope of this project, the focus was on the competence brand BKW Energy, which was to become active on social media for the first time. Against this background, the main objective of the mandate was to support the conception and creation of a social media strategy with a focus on LinkedIn. This should, amongst other things, increase the awareness of BKW Energy and convey know-how in specific key topics.


The mandate comprised the development of a comprehensive social media strategy. At first, important internal BKW documents were reviewed and analyses of competitors and other BKW presences on LinkedIn were carried out. Subsequently, clear goals were defined for BKW Energy’s social media presence, as well as the target groups to be reached. The insights and best practices gained from the analyses carried out were decisive for the concrete development of the BKW Energy presence. Particular attention was paid to the targeted communication of BKW Energy’s brand image, choosing the appropriate tonality and approach. In addition, an appealing content strategy was developed that included various formats and relevant content to effectively shape the brand’s storytelling. Industry-specific keywords and buzzwords were also identified to ensure optimal differentiation from other existing BKW channels as well as competitors. Based on the keyword analysis, a hashtag strategy was carefully developed. Finally, a concept for reviewing results (controlling) and observing conversations in connection with one’s own brand (monitoring) was elaborated. The definition of suitable KPIs formed an important part of this strategy to evaluate the success of the social media activities in the future and to adjust them if necessary. In context of monitoring, guidelines for the allocation of likes, reposts, and comments, as well as the professional handling of critical comments, were established (community management). The social media strategy developed provides a sound basis for BKW Energy’s successful and effective presence on LinkedIn by ensuring effective communication, appealing content, and clear monitoring of results.

Customer Statement

“Our collaboration with the Academic Alpha AG (AAA) team was nothing short of exceptional. We were particularly impressed by their regular update meetings, where they presented the content they developed in a clear and understandable manner. This clarity allowed us to maintain a comprehensive overview of the project, understand the context and to actively participate in the project. What stood out the most was AAA’s bespoke approach, tailored perfectly to our unique needs and requirements. The close exchange ensured that we felt in good hands and were able to successfully shape the project together. The effective conception of the social media strategy impressed us and will undoubtedly contribute to the successful implementation of our project. We wholeheartedly recommend Academic Alpha AG and extend our deepest gratitude for their professional and delightful partnership. We look forward to leveraging the AAA team’s expertise in our future endeavours.”


Martin Widmer, Lead Marketing BKW Energy

Raphael Herrli, Marketing Manager BKW Energy

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