Committee UNICEF Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Brand and Advertising Tracking in a Wave Comparison

Background and Objectives

The Committee for UNICEF Switzerland and Liechtenstein (UNICEF) is one of a total of 33 national UNICEF committees. UNICEF works for the survival and well-being of children worldwide. UNICEF’s goal is to raise funds for its worldwide programs, to advocate for the needs of the child worldwide, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as to provide information about UNICEF’s work. In the winter of 2022, UNICEF carried out a large-scale national advertising and image campaign via various channels such as TV, posters, and social media. This included the use of two different commercials. The aim of this mandate was to reliably measure the effectiveness of this campaign, particularly in terms of increasing brand and advertising awareness as well as image perception in a wave comparison on a representative basis across the entire Swiss population.


As part of the mandate, two representative online surveys were conducted among the entire Swiss population. The focus was on the following topics: brand and advertising awareness, image perception, and donation behavior and intention. In the context of advertising awareness, an assessment of two different commercials was also integrated. Descriptive and inductive analyses were used to produce a consolidated and target group-oriented final report. This allowed UNICEF to be provided with a clear overall picture of the effectiveness of its campaign and to derive important implications for future campaigns (e.g., in terms of channels to be prioritized).

 Customer Statement

“The methodically well thought-out and seriously designed brand and advertising tracking enabled us to gain interesting insights that we did not have in such a form before. This gave us better understanding of the effectiveness of our campaign, which will help us decisively in the planning and design of future campaigns. I would also like to emphasize the flexibility of Academic Alpha AG. The team responded to our wishes in an extremely customer-oriented manner and, for instance, made it possible to carry out additional A/B testing of two commercials in addition to the actual brand and advertising tracking. One of Academic Alpha AG’s strengths is their ability to present complex issues in a way that is appropriate for the target audience, and their interpretation of the statistical results helped us in a practice-oriented manner. Being a longstanding client of Academic Alpha AG, collaborating with this motivated and proficient team on this project has been an absolute pleasure.”

Marc Uricher
Head of Digital & Media
UNICEF Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Felix Freese
Senior Manager Brand and Communication
UNICEF Switzerland & Liechtenstein

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