Our consulting services aim to provide valuable answers to your complex questions and provide you with effective support in your entrepreneurial challenges. We want to understand your customers and stakeholders better to meet their needs with appropriate strategies and actions. Regardless of your company’s size – whether a startup, SME, or large corporation – we together develop individual solutions for you throughout the entire process: from conception through implementation to monitoring.

Market Insights

We listen to your stakeholders and analyze their needs and desires while also considering the market and competitive environment. We provide you with data-based insights, e.g., on your customers, products, brands, or employees. To do this, we apply suitable data gathering methods and research designs (e.g., online surveys, interviews, observations, experiments, desk research) to derive valuable recommendations from the information collected.

Marketing Activities

We facilitate the achievement of your marketing goals (e.g., increasing awareness, improving image, strengthening customer loyalty) on all relevant communication and sales channels along the entire customer journey. From the integral conception and implementation of campaigns to specific concerns, e.g., in social media or influencer marketing – we support you in a needs-oriented and holistic manner.

Strategy & Projects

As a project manager or a sparring partner, we tackle strategic and project-related challenges together with you. Based on profound analyses relating to your personas or the perception of your company’s brand, we help you identify relevant trends on time, and derive targeted strategies and actions.

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